Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teachers Notebook Moore Relief Effort Bundle

I woke up to the same devastating news I fell asleep to last night. The tornado that destroyed over 2,000 homes and a school has our hearts heavy, so heavy.  We've all been through drills with our students; practicing dutifully what to do in the event of such a horrifying just don't think it will happen.
Is I moped into the kitchen to my early morning coffee, I began to go through emails.  I was touched that my friends over at Teachers Notebook were up and working for this cause already.  Having worked with Co-Founders Steve and Debbie Esemplare before, I've seen first hand their generosity and kindness.  Their email helped to elevate my mood to a feeling of hope, if even slightly...
You see, they are pulling together a Relief Effort Bundle of Educational Resources.  100% of the proceeds of sales from this bundle will go to aide the Moore, OK victims.  I loved this quote from their email:

"As a teacher we know that we give 100% of ourselves to the children we teach. We should honor those teachers and school staff that acted as heroes and protectors of little lives. We are asking you to please donate a paid product to be sold as part of a Relief Effort Bundle. As educators we make a difference, and as a sharing teacher community we help each other in times of need. Together we can help to rebuild hope and show our support when it is truly needed."

I am honored to be part of this effort.  You will find me, my donated products as well as other shops and products by clicking below...

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