Saturday, June 15, 2013

Balloon Pop Madness

So, I have to say, Instagram has been a fun and quick way to get awesome ideas for the classroom.  Don't get me wrong, I love to blogstalk as much as the rest of you and can easily do it for hours on end...
However, with Instagram, the rate of idea collection is insane! In order to keep track of all the super ideas, I started keeping a screenshot file on my computer.  This way, when I am at my computer (and off my phone) I can easily go visit and join up with bloggers I find through Instagram...  Yay! ;)

So, one of the most awesome things I have found so far is the "End of Year Balloon Pop." The kids go WILD over these silly little balloons.  Ahead of time, I typed up little "surprises" onto strips of paper.  They included things like: "extra recess," "game day," ice pop day," etc.  Those strips of paper were rolled up and stuck into balloons. Oh, how these kids love when the fan is blowing these little gems around ever so gently! 

WARNING: One downside to this...constant repeating of the phrases, "Are we popping a balloon today?" and "When are we popping the balloon????" ;)

We also had "bubble mania" and a "glow-stick dance party," which they LOVED!  Thank goodness for the Dollar store! 

So super glad I found this idea on Instagram (posted by early-finishing teachers who no doubt have their toes in some well deserved sand right now!)  I am not sure who had the most fun (me or the kids) on mustache day though...

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  1. I had to start taking screen shots too! I could never remember what I "liked" and wanted to do. Now I'm on photo overload! Love the balloon popping!


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