Sunday, February 24, 2013

Health and Wellness for Teachers

Ok, this may be off the teaching topic a bit, so that's why I called it "Health and Wellness for Teachers." I did this little cleanse over the break and some of you have been asking to hear about it, so here it goes...

I needed a detox and I needed it fast! Last week we had our winter break.  One of my girlies was sick, so I was sort of land-locked at home. I saw information about the 3 Day Detox on the Dr. Oz show not long ago, and have been wanting to try it for a while...but not before one last hurrah at one of our favorite restaurants:  The Red Hat in Irvington-on-the-Hudson. I figured I had to have the banana bread pudding one more time before I began...
I read different reviews and heard a lot of complaints about the taste of the smoothies, but I have to say- this was totally doable! Maybe it's because I'm a big smoothie drinker anyway - I have been a big fan of  Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothies for a few years. A big part of why this worked was that I was prepared. I pre-chopped and bagged mostly everything.  I was worried that I wouldn't feel like doing much chopping and cleaning during this cleanse.  Besides from a headache on the morning of Day 2, I felt pretty good!

Maybe I was a little cranky on Day 3.  Maybe it was because my husband was cooking up some french fries to go along with the ribs he was eating...whatever - I was doing a good thing and told him, "Dr. Oz wouldn't do that to me!" (In which he replied,"I'd never ask you to do what Dr. Oz is asking you to do right now." Darn his quick response skills!)

I know a lot of us are visual learners, so let's get a look at the smoothies.  You will see them below in the order I drank them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You are allowed a "snack smoothie" which is a repeat of one of the 3, but I didn't seem to want it ( I wanted the Valentine's chocolate in the closet, but that is another story).

The morning smoothie was my favorite - nice and fruity.  The green one was, well, very green.  Lots of celery and cucumber flavor there folks.  You are allowed 1 Stevia in the morning tea, so I decided to put it in the green smoothie instead - it was a definite improvement of the taste.  The evening smoothie was good and had a little kick from the cayenne pepper, but I got it down...because I knew what was comin' next...something I never ever favorite part of this whole darn detox:
No...that's not my bathtub;  you just caught me in the middle of a daydream!  I have never tried a bath with Epsom Salt.  Wow- how relaxing! So relaxing, in fact, that when I researched "epsom salt bath" there is a little disclaimer that one should not lock oneself in the bathroom for fear of falling asleep and drowning!  I didn't lock the door - I was too scared, haha!

In the end, it was all good.  Most importantly my little girlie was feeling better, but I was feeling better too!  



  1. Great job! I love that you posted about the detox cleanse! My husband and I did it together right before Thanksgiving...I guess to prep for the gluttonous eating that was to come. Lol I, too, found it pretty doable. We LOVED the breakfast smoothie and still drink that from time to time because it was so yummy. I like Kim Snyder's green smoothie MUCH better than the one for this plan, but it was ok...and better yet, so good for you. The hardest part for us was the headache. Going without caffeine was rough, but by the third day I felt much better. We're going to do this again in a couple weeks for a Spring Detox. :-) Glad your daughter is feeling better, too!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Good luck on your Spring Detox!!

  2. Very cool post! Thanks for sharing! I am a little afraid to try myself, but maybe I will work up the courage at some point. :)

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