Friday, January 18, 2013

Subtraction Jingle

So of course, by this point, my students have figured out that it is much easier to use the splitting method for subtraction.  However, they know that we are using this method when there is no regrouping involved:

   4 6
 - 2 3
   2 3

4 tens - 2 tens = 2 tens           
6 ones - 3 ones = 3 ones

When there is regrouping involved, we still like to use an open number line.  In order to remember when to use which method, we have this little jingle going in the classroom... Click on the pic for the link.  Of course, in true 2nd grade fashion, the kids made up some groovy dance moves to go along with the jingle.  In fact, that was part of the fun - each table came up with their own dance and hand gestures to remember the jingle.  Whatever works :)

Grab it here:

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