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4 FREE Digital Geometry Resources

Happy Sunday evening everyone. With a holiday tomorrow, I hope you are enjoying a Sunday without those "Sunday Night Blues!"  I am thrilled to introduce you to Kate Peila from Purely Paperless. 

I am even more thrilled that she blogged about Geometry- my next unit of math study!  Below you will find some great ideas and a truly insightful post.  I am already imagining how excited my 2nd graders will be with this very cool use of technology.

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Now, onto Purely Paperless Perfection!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kate Peila and I blog over at Purely Paperless. I am halfway through my fourth year of teaching. I have spent all of my career thus far in second grade. I have my Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. I love finding, organizing, and creating resources that align with the common core standards and enhance student learning in my classroom. My personal passion is technology. Given the budget constraints in many districts, paper can be limited. I love implementing activities in my classroom that engage the students in higher level learning that do not necessarily require class sets of worksheets. I am really excited to meet all of you and so thrilled to be invited to share on Tracey's blog. I have found so many awesome resources here, so I feel extremely honored to share something with all of you!

We recently finished up our unit on Geometry in the second grade. In my experience, students learn these skills best through manipulation and kinesthetic learning experiences. (Shocker, right?!) So, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite geometry resources. If you look at the progression of the skills, you can see that many of these resources address the CCSS Geometry standards for the entire
K-2 grade band, so feel free to check these out regardless of your grade level as they are all easily adaptable.

So, here goes:

Tool #1:
E is for Explore

If you have a good day or ten, take some time to peruse this site. You will not be sorry. She has so many amazing resources for science and math activities. By clicking on the link, it will redirect you to some awesome geometry resources that you can use in your classroom, but don't forget to check out everything that she has to offer.

What I love about her resources is that she does not rely on hundreds of printed pages, many of her activities utilize objects or materials that would be easy to collect and find in your classroom, school, or home. I have used tons of her games in my class and EVERY SINGLE ONE has been a hit both with my students and their extra, super picky teacher :) 

Tool #2:
2110 Mission: 3D Shapes (BBC)

This is an awesome interactive game to utilize on a Smart Board, Mimio, or simply during your computer lab time. If you utilize a guided math approach in your classroom, try this game as a technology center. Your kiddos will LOVE it. All of my little boys thought that this game was fantastic- which, if you teach little boys, it can be hard to engage them with digital tools in the classroom because, frankly speaking, NOTHING compares to Minecraft- duh. 

Tool #3:
Jeopardy Labs

Many of you may have utilized this tool before, but it bears repeating- Jeopardy Labs allows teachers to create custom review activities to implement in the classroom.  These games are web based and do not require the use of Powerpoint so, as a teacher, you have a bit more flexibility. You can add your own information or use existing templates that other teachers have created.

My kids LOVE this game. To increase engagement for all students, I have the teams that are not answering write the answers on their whiteboards and they can "challenge" if the first team does not get the answer correct.

Tool #4:
Musical Shapes

Now... for a freebie- just click the image to download! A colleague shared this idea with me as one that she has used, pretty informally, for years in many different subject areas. I have used it as a Geometry review activity for the past two years and my kids LOVE it. In fact, so much so, that when they earn free time in the classroom, they ask to play Musical Shapes.

To use this game, simply print off and laminate the posters and cards, and you can use this game over and over for years!

Thanks Tracey for allowing me to visit with all of you. Be sure to check out my blog for your chance to enter my Blog Love Giveaway and win a $25.00 Amazon gift card- it ends today!

Kate, that was GREAT!  I have a HUGE Minecraft contingency in my classroom and if you say that these games compete, then I know they will be winners!  Thank you for planning out half of my geometry plans for me and thank you for the guest post!


  1. Great Job, Kate...I cannot pick which tool I love the most!


  2. Thanks for having me, Tracey! What a fun opportunity to share with new bloggy teacher friends!

    ❀ Kate
    Purely Paperless


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