Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teachers, Show Us Your...Best Games!

I am so happy about everyone who has been linking up to this School-Week Linky so far. I was away from my computer yesterday, but I am looking forward to reading each and every post on Read-Alouds today!  The link will be open until January 1st, so feel free to link any time if you did not do so already!

We all know how much fun games can be in the classroom.  The learning that takes place through game play proves so valuable for my students.  They are having so much fun, they don't even realize that important concepts and strategies are being strengthened and reinforced in their brains!

One subject in which games are a constant in my classroom is math. The kids look forward to guided math time when they know that they will have an opportunity to learn and play together. Once in a while, {usually in between math units} I will throw a "Game Day" in there. On Game Day, the students rotate through all-game centers.  They go wild as you can imagine :)

Today I'd like to show you a set of games that my students really, really, REALLY love playing.  These games focus on addition strategies in particular...

They are from "Math Facts Heroes" series.  You can find the complete set {here} and by clicking below:

For stopping by today, you know I have a freebie for you :)  You can grab a copy of this Math Facts Basketball game by clicking below.  I'd love a follow for a download! :)

Now it's your us to build our game collections!


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