Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday and of Course, A FREEBIE!

Hello there friends!
In accordance with my pledge to pay more attention to this little blog-o-mine, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little Five for Friday!

Here we go!

I am super excited about this one! Inspired by events in my own life, I introduce to you a monthly link party...

When I was thinking back on my year, I pieced together that most months had three things in common: Mayhem (what teacher doesn't have a little craziness going on from month to month??), Musings (does anyone else's mind go 1,000,000 miles an hour?) and Milestones (no matter how big or small, you can find one in each month).

This monthly party will be a place to share, a place to laugh, a place to think and a place to celebrate one another.  Be it your teacher life or your life life, it will be a great and consistent (key for me!!) opportunity to do a little extra blogging!

Look for the post tomorrow...although you can link up at any point in the month!

Does anyone else like to jam all the "healthy" they can into the summer for fear of the dreaded endless junk in the teacher's room come fall? I linked up with a Facebook challenge group along with my sister and some friends.  It's been fun and super motivating and I found an exercise program that I kind of fell in love with...have you heard of PiYo?
It's a cross between Pilates and Yoga...only amped up, really amped up and so much fun! Not to mention Charlene Johnson, the creator, is incredibly sweet, motivating and non-intimidating. 
As far as the August Facebook challenge goes, I'll be focusing on healthier eating, especially NO MINDLESS SNACKING. I'm a sucker for an after dinner snack.

I love the next one...
The Teaching Blog Circle is growing every day.  It is so exciting to get a notification that someone has linked up! Take a look at how great this page looks...warning- you may be there for hours on a blog stalk!  
If you are not linked up yet, join us! I like to look through and often share your pages through my social media {read:good for your exposure!!}. I am always inspired by what other people are doing in their classrooms - what a talented world of teachers we have!

In order to stay organized and on top of my blogging ventures, I grabbed this sweet monthly planner. I am excited about filling it up and sticking to it :)

One of my first orders of business this summer was to fill up my Teacher's Notebook store. I had the opportunity to work with Steve and Debbie in the past on my Mother's Day Video series and they are just the NICEST people.  They put so much effort into building their website.  I know a lot of my teacher friends love shopping there! I was just checking in over there this morning, when I saw that they made some cool blog widgets. I went with the SUPER-SIZED one, but there are several options available! How fun!!

Speaking of Teacher's Notebook, while you are there, you can grab this freebie! It's part of my Monthly Reading Log Series.  The freebie is recording sheets you can use in your classroom for independent reading. I recently updated the file for grades 3-5.  I have so many things to make-over now that I am going to third! Aaaaaahhhhhh! 

Click below to grab the freebie and be sure to click the little heart while you are there to follow for future product information <3.

Thanks for stopping by today!  TGIF, everyone!


  1. PiYo-new for me. I will need to check into that. The school year is so stressful, so I am always looking for ways to keep fit and healthy. Smiles and stop by anytime.

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