Friday, August 8, 2014

5 for Friday and $10.00 For You!

Hello there!
Is it me, or are these summer weeks going by a little bit faster???

I am off to celebrate the wedding of my amazing cousin Paul and his lovely fiancé Amy!

Before I go, I am sneaking in a little 5 for Friday and ANOTHER giveaway! :)

I am giving my room a complete makeover.  I want those kids to walk in and forget that my room was ever a 2nd grade classroom..we are moving up with the big kids now!
Before I could even concentrate on setting up my room, I had to get my cabinet and desk together.  I was VERY BLESSED to get a sweet and generous class gift that I could put toward these new (and very needed!) additions to my room. I thought I would start small.  I picked the cabinet to do first.  I found out that I am pretty handy with a drill, albeit very. very. very slowly.  It was a process and I think I lost two pounds in the heat of my classroom.
The thought of going back in to put my desk together was making me want to barf.  Hubby had to work and I just wanted it done. Hmmmmmm...who to help in a steaming hot classroom?
Someone who has unconditional love.
...and some cool power tools...
The best part about this day was spending time with my dad :)  We had a lot of laughs.  He even pointed out that he was using some of my grandfather's tools to get the job done.  Using my gift card from my class to purchase this was amazing and I think my desk is even more extra-special now. 

Very fun night with my girls at the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer concert.  Both bands were really great.  I never knew girls could scream quite so loud.

Before the concert, I snapped these pictures just to mess with them... you can see the text message below.  Oh, I love it.  #pranksparentsplay

I really wanted to make a t-shirt that said, "5 Seconds of Summer" on the front and on the back, " not enough for a teacher!"  But the kids didn't go for that either.  Take a peek at our fun below...

New Reading Program!!! 
Does anyone use Journeys? I spent the morning reading about the first week.  The materials are still packed in a million boxes at my school and I am dyyyyiiinnnggg to get my hands on them.  However, the online component was great to look through.  I am super excited!  I'd love to hear your comments on this program if you are using it!

As of right now, it's ALMOST done!!! I cannot wait for my little blog face lift. I LOVE the design that Christi {designsbychristi} {aka Ms. Fultz's Corner} came up with originally for me. When I asked if she would help freshen my blog up, she was unbelievably helpful as usual! She is just amazing to work with! Thanks Christi! I am looking forward to seeing it go live!

As if you didn't have enough shopping with the huge TPT's another opportunity for you to get some of those items that are still on your wish list.  This time, I am teaming up with Teacher's Notebook to give you 30% off all of my products!

PLUS...{AND HERE'S THE GIVEAWAY PART!} of course I have something special just for you!
Head on over to my Facebook page for two ways to win! The first choice is a $10.00 gift certificate, the second is "Winner's Choice" of any one item in my Teacher's Notebook Store!


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. My district just adopted JOURNEYS and I spent two mornings in my classroom sorting all of the materials! Yikes! I am happy that we start with Henry & Mudge, books that I love, and am trying not to feel overwhelmed! Organizing the space for my Focus Wall for the weekly spelling, vocab, phonics, CAFE, and writing skills continues to be a "work in progress!"

    I love that your Dad helped you in your classroom with your Grandpa's power tools!

    Stories and Songs in Second

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