Sunday, February 2, 2014

Be My Guest Sunday Presents... Owl Always Love 2nd Grade with BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT

Maybe it's me...

Or maybe it's the fact that these poor kids have been stuck inside most of the winter!
Aaaahhhhhhhhhh! Indoor recess is certainly a game changer, especially when it comes to classroom behavior.

I've definitely seen a change in my kiddos' behavior. There are more tattles, more complaints, more movement around the classroom (at times when there's not supposed to be!) and definitely more chattiness...oh the talking is on an all time high!

Thank goodness I have an awesome guest blogger today with fantastic ideas for behavior management!  I picked up super ideas from reading Furnell's post and I know you will too!  Furnell is the sweet blogger over at...

So before you hit that Super Bowl party tonight, be sure to grab some great ideas for your classroom!

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And now....Here's Furnell!

Hello, All! I am super excited that Tracey asked me to guest blog today! My name is Furnell from Owl Always Love 2nd Grade.  I am a newbie teacher, whereas this is only my 3rd year teaching 2nd grade.  After trying to figure out what I wanted to guest blog about, I decided that it's about half way through the school year and some classrooms might need a little makeover of their behavior management system.  I have been researching behavior management for YEARS since it was the one thing that everyone told me that I would not be taught in college and would have to learn how to manage a classroom on my own. I have gone through a smorgasbord of behavior systems trying to find ones that work for my teaching style and ones that work for the kids in front of me.  I have tested out the tried and true methods that most teachers use and then I have tried some out-of-the-box ideas.  All three of my classes have been totally different and have responded very differently to the different behavior management systems.

Here's some visuals of the systems I have tried out with a quick little blurb of how they work.
Individual Behavior:
           Pulling a Card From Lakeshore Learning                         Freebie: Stop Light Made by Me! 
This worked well but cards were always going missing            You can print this and laminate it and
                and so I only used this my first year.                             use clothes pins to track behavior.
                                     Clip Chart
                        Free Printable Clip Chart                                                 Scentos Stamps
This worked extremely well my first year, last year, and           I use these to draw stars on the kids
for the beginning of this year, but then I made the switch                hands when they are doing a 
           to Class Dojo, which you will see below.                                 great job. They love it!
Group Behavior:
Group Tallies/Points were drawn on the board compete with the students.  When they are doing a great job, the students earn tallies.  When the teacher feels that the students can be doing a better job, the teacher gets a tally.  This worked well, but it was just a group management system and I needed more whole class.
Whole Class:
Whole Brain Teaching (My version of the Positive and Negative Points)
This works the same way as the tallies above.  When the kids are doing a great job, they earn Whoos and when they are doing a less than great job, they earn Boos.
 Freebie: Brownie Points The students earned brownie points in my room when they would receive a compliment from another teacher or specialist.  Once it was filled, they voted on a prize.  (I found the picture on pinterest because I cannot find the picture of the one I used)
Homework Club The children who brought in their homework were a part of the homework club and their number would be written in the middle using a dry erase marker.  The kids that forgot their homework always tried harder to bring it in to be in the club!
Currently Using:
Class Dojo has replaced all other behavior management systems in my room this year.  It is very easy to use, and you can bring it with you on your phone or iPad.  There are options to set your own categories, which is why I love it so much! You enter each child and let them choose a little monster to represent themselves! They love this part! Students can earn positive or negative points (like Whole Brain Teaching) and once they earn increments of 10 positive points, they ear a token to my treasure chest (Two of my students work on increments of 5 instead of 10). This is all student run.  The students give or take away their own dojos. I have it connected to my T.V. so it's a great visual reminder to the students. I also add in a section for "Report from Specialist/Other teacher" instead of a student name so I can track their compliments (this works like the brownies).  Once they get to 15 points, they earn a whole class prize.  At the end of each week, I am able to print out each child's report with their percentage of positive behavior and it gets sent home to be signed and returned.  I have two students that I print out reports daily and the are signed and returned as well.
Check out this Class Dojo Freebie: Printable Resource Pack.  It is a great addition to the website. 
I hope you enjoyed taking a look through the behavior systems that I have tried and what I am using now.  There are a TON of systems out there, and these are just a small portion of them.  Teachers need to find what works for them and their students because the shoe doesn't fit everyone! Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you stopping by and following my BLOGFACEBOOK, TPT and Instagram: @owlalwayslove2ndgrade.

Thanks again, Tracey, for letting me take over your blog today!!!


       Owl Always Love 2nd Grade

Great post, Furnell! I was so happy to have you as a guest today!  Have a great Super Bowl Sunday everyone.

By the way...Darn that Punxsutawney Phil! 6 more weeks of winter???

Oh Nooooooooooooo!!!!!


  1. Furnell - Love the Brownie Points idea! Can't wait to implement that in my classroom :)


  2. Thanks Rae!! There's a ton of free ones on pinterest and TPT for you to just print and laminate!

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