Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Bundle of Thanks!

Hello there everyone!  I have a bundle of Thanksgiving goodies to share with you today! I think that these items will be perfect for those last few days before school lets out for Thanksgiving Break.  I have a huge math packet, a Thanksgiving Play that can double as Reader's Theater, a Thanksgiving Key Details packet, and of course some Thanksgiving FREEBIES!

The truth is, I've been working on a huge Thanksgiving Common Core Word Problems packet that took a little longer to finish than planned - I wanted to make sure it was quality!A packet this size is a little challenging to fit into the next 5 days of school before Thanksgiving break (work, kids, work!!!).  However, I do plan on picking and choosing some pages to introduce my students to problem solving strategies. It was important to me to create problems with what I call "manageable numbers" for my students.  Over time, I have witnessed children completely freeze up when presented with very large numbers in word problems.  They are almost too engrossed with the size of the numbers to focus on how to solve the problem.

Last year, I introduced my students to Common Core word problems with manageable, smaller numbers as well.  We looked at each type of problem and worked on identifying important information.  The students also learned how to use a bar model to organize the information from a word problem - this is much easier for them to do with manageable numbers.  After that...we moved on to larger numbers and THEY WERE READY!

Next year, this packet begins on November 1st, hahah!  Take a look! You can grab it and find out a little bit more about it by clicking on the cover below:

Here's a peek at some of the pages....

...and now a word from our FREEBIE #1.  I think I am going to use this as a cover to a Thanksgiving card I plan on having the kids make for their families.  I've been teaching my students how to write paragraphs, so the inside of the card will be a paragraph about what they are thankful for.  I always loved (and still do!!!) when my own kids made writing pieces for me, so I think it makes a pretty meaningful gift.  It's free on my Facebook page, and it's free for you by clicking below:

Next up, I have something very dear to my heart. It's a Thanksgiving Play that I wrote with my beloved Teaching Assistant.  It can also be used for Reader's Theater.  Check it Out:

After using the play during Reader's Workshop with your little Pilgrims, you can follow up with this Key Details Packet.  It helps the students to closely examine the story of Thanksgiving and helps them to identify Key Details.  Take a look:

...and now a word from Freebie #2.  Oh the woes of the turkey this time of year!  He has an opinion, too!  Introduce your students to writing an opinion paragraph with this graphic organizer and paragraph paper template.  Free for you over at my TPT!

That's all for today, folks!  I'm so THANKFUL for all of the friends I've made this past year through this blog!  Are you new to the Teacher's Chair today?  I'd love to get to know you, too...and would be thankful if you follow me on any of my social media so I can keep you updated with my latest goodies!

Have a great day everyone!

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