Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do You Zumba? Treats for the Teacher Tuesday!

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce my winner of last week's giveaway.  Congrats Holli and thank you to all who entered!

This week, I am changing it up a bit.  You won't be seeing something I made because the only thing I had for "Made it Monday" was a big MESS!  Like many of you, I lug home the various items from my classroom that need revamping, revisiting and reordering. These items tend to create piles that look like a version of the game "Topple" gone awry. It gets to the point that I don't even like to go in the office {who wants to be stressed on summer vacation?!?}

Turns out that a day of camp for the kids = time for mom to tackle the office; and I am so glad I did because ahhhhhhhh, now my desk looks like this:

How does this relate to the Giveaway?  Funny story.  Last summer, my sister told me that she wanted Zumba for her XBox Kinect for Christmas.  Without hesitation, I ordered it from Amazon. Fast forward to the Christmas season when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas... "Zumba for my Xbox," she replied once more. Enter "teacher-on-overload-during-the-holiday-season-brain." I totally forgot that I ordered one already and went on to buy another one.  I stored the first one in such a "safe spot" that I did not find it until I did a complete makeover of our office {yesterday!!}.

So this one's for you Xbox-ers... Enter for yourself or for someone you love who loves to shake their booty!  You won't find the entry here, though...for that you'll have to come on over to Instagram!  It's my first Insta-Giveaway and I am super excited!

I'll be choosing a winner next Tuesday, so get your dancing shoes ready!  If you are new to the Teacher's Chair, I'd love it if you took a second to follow me here to stay updated on future freebies, giveaways and product information!

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