Monday, June 24, 2013

Made It Monday & Blogs By State

Hi everyone...hope you all had a great weekend! I have to tell you, my Pinterest addiction is already costing me some money this summer. In one weekend, I bought paint for classroom shelves, a tool-box to organize small desk supplies, duct-tape for clipboards/whiteboards and the letters R-E-A-D to decoupage... I think I am going to be pretty busy!

At least I have "Made it Monday" over at 4th Grade Frolics to link up with!  Last week, I linked up two clipboards.  I ended up having a raffle for them.  The winners will be picked tomorrow! I will be contacting you for your personalization information.

Today I have another little Made it Monday goodie that I will be raffling tomorrow as well...Let's take a look:

I made these for our first and second grade teams this year to wear on moving up day or the last day of school. I think it would be really cute to wear these during the first week of school as well. Tomorrow I will open up a chance for YOU to win one too, so check back for the giveaways that will be going on throughout the summer! :)

Next up, I am linking up with Fifth In the Middle for her Blogs By State.  I've been meaning to do this for a while :) 
Fifth in the Middle
My plan this summer (you will see it on my Summer Bucket List, soon!) is to stop by to say hello to not only all of my fellow New Yorkers, but to a blogger in each state as well.  If I can't do a cross-country trip, I think that would be a great alternative ;)

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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