Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day English Jubilee Style - The Magical Product Swap!


Hello everyone!

A few months ago, I was blog hopping around and found the lovely Jessica Stanford over at Mrs. Standford's Class Blog.  I had gotten lost in a web of creativity and ideas that all seemed to have something in common: they were all linked back to Jessica's blog! You see, Jessica holds something call The Magical Product Swap, and I knew right away that I wanted to get involved.  This event brings bloggers together to try out each other's products.  What a great way to make some new bloggin' friends, too! Click above to find out more... 

I signed up immediately and looked forward to the day when I would meet my partner :)

When the day finally came, I was super excited!  Not only was I paired up with a spectacular teacher blogger, she happens to be from England!  How cool is that? The thought of us sharing ideas from either side of the pond kinda blew me away! 

So here she is, my new friend...Susanne Powell from SOS Supply!

From the minute I clicked over to her blog, I was already so thankful to be part of the swap.  It's amazing to me that you can spend hours online and never find all of the fantastic teacher-bloggers out there.  I was instantly taken by the amount of resources that Susanne has available!  I knew it would be tricky to narrow down my choice of resource.  However...I soon found myself intent on this very adorable product from Susanne's extensive TPT Store (she has 138 great products in there!)

With Mother's Day a few weeks off, I am just beginning to write my lesson plans for incorporating Susanne's packet into our school day.  I am truly so excited!!

Usually, when I prepare my students for our Mother's Day celebration, I like to cover a wide variety of Literacy Skills.  I was very happy to see that Susanne's packet did that too!  She based her activities around the book, My Mum, by Anthony Brown.  In doing a little bit of research on this book, I found it on Amazon-UK and Amazon-US...Love it! 

My first step will be to have my kids compare and contrast the two covers.  A perfect lead-in to a little geography lesson about England.  Yippeeeeee! Susanne...look at the way you inspired me before even opening up your packet!

Planning for this unit is going to be a snap! This product has everything I need for my ELA Block- who could ask for more than this...
  • Word wall words
  • My Mum Character Description
  • My Mum Fact or Opinion
  • My Mum Same and Different
  • What Mums and Kids Should Do
  • Similes
  • Classification
  • Acrostics
  • Writing Ideas - Letters, Creative Writing, Instructions
  • Writing Paper
  • Card Craftivity 

...and look at the adorable presentation I have to work with too- I cannot wait to get started! 

Often, in my classroom, we have a Luau to celebrate Mother's Day.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to change it up a bit this year! The minute I looked through Susanne's "My Mum" packet, I was grabbed by the thought: "English Tea Party!"  It occurred to me that a tea party for Mother's Day would be a fantastic way to tie all of the activities in her packet together!

When I shared this thought with Susanne, she very generously sent me another product of hers that she thought could help us out in this department.  Here it is...
She thought that the ideas in this packet would inspire us to turn our tea into a Jubilee (and she was right!) What fun we will have celebrating with English Flair!  Just look at what we will be doing!
Susanne provides lots of great background information about what a Jubilee is, so that is of tremendous value to me.  She also provides colorful templates for the menus, bunting and paper chains that will really jazz up our celebration!

Susanne, how fortunate I am to have met you through this swap and how I dream of visiting England some day!  But for now, I thank you for helping me to bring a little taste of England into my classroom- I know my students (and their Mums!) will be absolutely delighted!

 For more information about the lovely Susanne and her fantastic products, be sure to stop by her blog.

Clicking one of her cute fairies above will bring you to the page where she blog about my products.
It looks like she brought a little bit of the USA to England, just like I brought England to the USA.
She chose some of  my Thanksgiving products and I am just thrilled to see how she used them with her kids!

Thank you so much Susanne! This was so much fun...all the best to you!

Thank you Jessica, for making this all possible!

Have fun blog hopping through the Magical Product Swap, everyone!



  1. I LOVE the idea of having the book from the UK and from the US! I can't wait to go get this!

  2. What a great idea doing a tea. I love the comparison of Mum and Mom and the fact that you found a copy of the same book for both spellings.
    I will have to check these products out.


  3. Tracey, thank you so much for your kind words - I absolutely loved having you as my Product Swap partner - you are truly Magical. I'm so glad we're new friends. Let me know how the tea goes and how the children (and parents...) enjoy it.


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  5. What a cute Mother's Day packet that you reviewed! And I love the idea of a mother's tea-fun! Thanks for following me, I am now following your cute blog.
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Great review! You did an awesome job! Super cute packet too!

    I'm now following you!
    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A First Grade Adventure!


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