Monday, December 3, 2012

TBA Christmas Week Linky

TBA is looking for posts about simple or complex recipes for the holiday season.  Although I don't make these treats with my students, I have given them out as gifts.  My inspiration comes from my favorite little baker, Angie Dudley, aka Bakerella! Do you know who this wonderful lady is?

If not, you will be amazed at her unbelievable cake creations!
 I am a little obsessed with her talent...I have a cake hobby that I'll share with you someday :)

Although my holiday cake pops cannot hold a candle to Bakerella's, the kids seem to love them nonetheless!  Here are two examples of my holiday cake pops inspired by Bakerella:

Santa Hats

Triple Cake Pop Snowmen.  I'm a little in love with these cuties!

Once I put them on a cake like this to send in for a holiday party:

I look forward to seeing what recipes YOU use in your classroom during the holiday season!
                                          :)  Tracey

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