Monday, November 12, 2012

Composing and Decomposing Numbers

More Practice with Composing and Decomposing...this time with Classroom Games!

How do you manage the different levels of learners in your classroom?  In our room, we enjoy teaching with guided math.  While small group instruction is going on, the other students are engaged "in the workshop."  The children have math partners.  In the workshop, they are required to do some sort of paper/pencil task (facts, problem solving, etc.).  Then they are free to play one of our math games which reinforce skills, strategies and concepts.

Recently, to reinforce composing and decomposing, we introduced these two games.
 First, we played "Chip Flip," as a whole class guided lesson.  Click below for the Google Doc!

After that, the students were taught how to play the "Composing Numbers MONSTER PUT-TOGETHER."  Oh...they REALLY loved this one.  Basically, the kids work in partners.  They each put a secret number of base 10 units into a cup (up to 10 units each).  They each spill out their "part" and add them together to get the "whole."  Then, they use the Monster Building KEY to determine what part of the monster they get to draw.  For example, "compose a 2, add an eye,"  "compose a 15, add a nose."

Since introducing this game to them, it is the #1 game that they pick when we have a free choice math game day.  You'll find the link below the classroom pics :)


After a week's loss of school due to Hurricane Sandy, we reviewed what we covered in our Introduction to Place Value Unit and moved on to Place Value and Operations in Base 10.

We are currently focusing on CCLS  2.OA.1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

In order to reinforce the concept of taking from, putting together, taking apart and comparing, I created a few worksheets that utilize Number Bonds and Bar Models.  This method is from Singapore Math.
It is differentiated for two levels.  In addition to that, the students will use manipulatives if they need a more concrete visual before recording on the worksheet.

Come take a look by clicking the link below  :)


  1. Tracey,
    I couldn't get the picture to link to the free download. Is it working yet? Thanks!
    - Leslie

    1. H Leslie,
      I reset the link and you should be able to grab it now. Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know!

  2. I've been looking for ideas to teach decomposing - I like the chip flip. Every time I click on it, though, I get the doubles game. Is there another location for that freebie? It looks like just what I need for my lessons this week.


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